Children’s Doctor in Glendale AZ

Children’s Doctor in Glendale, AZ

Doctor Maria Mariano-Nabong Specializes in Newborn Childcare, Well-Child Visits, Immunizations, and More. Call Us or Schedule an Appointment Online.

Children’s Doctor in Glendale, AZ
Children’s Doctor in Glendale, AZ

For the Glendale AZ community, KidsHealth Pediatrics is here to help, taking on young patients and assisting their parents too. We can help children with any common health condition, or even children with behavioral issues like autism. Parents appreciate how much we can do for their children’s health and continual development.

Dr. Maria Nabong is our children’s doctor in Glendale AZ, and if you believe your child would benefit from her services and our care here at KidsHealth Pediatrics, then we’d love to hear from you today!

Who is Dr. Maria Nabong at KidsHealth Pediatrics?

The doctor is our children’s doctor, or pediatrician, here at our clinic in Glendale. She is fully capable of treating children for any common health condition, or on an ongoing basis for chronic or behavioral conditions. And if your child needs a dedicated primary care pediatrician, she is more than happy to fill that role.

The doctor is also one of the finest children’s doctors in the area, and is one of the reasons why our clinic has achieved top three awards for quality business practices and patient care. You can be as confident as we are in Dr. Nabong’s capabilities, and we’re sure you and your child will grow to like her quickly!

What services does a children’s doctor provide?

Whereas a primary care physician provides general, primary healthcare for patients of any age, a children’s doctor provides general, primary healthcare for children exclusively. This means that a children’s doctor is a specialist in treating children, so this kind of doctor understands children and their particular needs especially well and is able to provide some services primary care physicians can’t provide. For example, here at KidsHealth Pediatrics, Dr. Nabong is able to help children with behavioral issues like autism, whereas a primary care physician can’t necessarily provide this service.

A children’s doctor is also able to provide well-child visits, children’s physicals, vaccinations, and many other services. They can treat many common children’s conditions too, such as:

  • Minor allergic reactions and allergies
  • Minor respiratory issues like asthma
  • UTIs (urinary tract infections) and other common infections
  • ENT (ears, nose, and throat) issues, including sinusitis
  • Simple sprains, strains, minor cuts, bruises, and other simple injuries
  • Nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, diarrhea, and other common ailments
  • The flu in children at or older than 3 months of age
  • And many other common, minor conditions

When is it necessary to go to the ER instead of a children’s doctor?

A children’s doctor can do so much for your child, but only if the situation is minor and not life-threatening. For life-threatening situations, or whenever you’re unsure whether a situation could be life-threatening, it’s necessary to go to the ER (emergency room). For instance, the flu with a fever in a child younger than 3 months of age is an emergency. It can actually be life-threatening, so in this situation, it’s necessary to go to the ER.

When you’re sure that the situation is not life-threatening, you can come see us and Dr. Nabong here at KidsHealth Pediatrics.

Do you have a children’s doctor in Glendale AZ?

Yes, Dr. Nabong is available at KidsHealth Pediatrics in Glendale AZ. This location is actually brand new and very modern, and you’ll find it over at 5750 W. Thunderbird Rd F620 Glendale, AZ 85306.

We’d love to see you here at our clinic! To book a meet-and-greet or appointment with the doctor, call us today. You can also book with us online. Come see us soon for any of your child’s common healthcare needs!


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