Pediatric Immunizations and Vaccines

Pediatric Immunizations and Vaccines in Scottsdale, AZ and Glendale, AZ

Vaccines Help Protect Children From Serious Diseases. Our Pediatric Doctor Maria Mariano-Nabong, MD Provides a Wide Range of Vaccines to Children of All Ages. KidsHealth Pediatrics Has 2 Locations in Scottsdale, AZ and Glendale, AZ.

Pediatric Immunizations and Vaccines in Scottsdale, AZ and Glendale, AZ
Pediatric Immunizations and Vaccines in Scottsdale, AZ and Glendale, AZ

Having your child vaccinated is the first step in ensuring they stay healthy for the rest of their life. At KidsHealth Pediatrics, we strive to provide quality medical care to children of all ages. At our pediatric clinic, we believe that all children should receive immunizations as laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If you are in the Scottsdale or Glendale area, we are available to administer a wide range of vaccines to your child.

Some of the most common vaccinations required for school age children include those for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), chicken pox, and polio. These are all diseases that were once incredibly dangerous and life threatening to children around the world. Now, with the use of vaccines, these diseases have become less common and less of a threat to children everywhere. Polio, for instance, devastated the United States before there was a vaccine created to combat it. With the help of mandated childhood vaccines, the U.S. was declared polio free in 1994. However, it is important that we continue vaccinating against this disease, and others like it, so they cannot make a comeback.

There are many reasons it is important to have your child vaccinated on schedule. For one, and most obviously, you are protecting your child from contracting a preventable disease not only in childhood, but later in life. In addition to protecting your own child, making sure that any child who can, receives their vaccines, helps protect children who are too young to be vaccinated, or others who may not be able to receive them as a result of an illness or otherwise weakened immune system. This concept is called “herd immunity.” If healthy members of a community receive vaccines for preventable diseases, they can no longer contract those diseases and pass them on. In this way, if enough people are vaccinated, it protects vulnerable members of the surrounding population. KidsHealth Pediatrics clinic can help keep your child on the recommended vaccination schedule, ensuring their continued health and allowing you peace of mind.

In addition to protecting your child and your community, keeping your child on the recommended vaccination schedule can ensure that your child will not be denied access to your preferred school or child care center. In the interest of keeping all children safe, those who have not been vaccinated or who carry diseases that could have been prevented by vaccine, can sometimes be turned away from certain schools in order to protect other children from coming in contact with these diseases. If your child requires shots for school, KidsHealth Pediatrics can provide them.

At KidsHealth Pediatrics, Doctor Maria Nabong MD and experienced medical staff are here to help protect your family from preventable diseases in a calm and comforting environment. We believe every child should be able to receive quality medical care, which is why we offer convenient access to all required vaccines and immunizations to children of all ages. If you are in the Scottsdale or Glendale, AZ area, and are in need of vaccinations and immunizations near you for your child, please call us today to schedule an appointment.


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