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Adolescent Pediatrician

Adolescent Pediatrician in Scottsdale, and Glendale, AZ

At KidsHealth Pediatrics, adolescent pediatricians focus on improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults. They provide services including physical exams, reproductive health and gynecologic exams, chronic illness management, STD treatment and more. Meet Dr. Maria Nabong who is providing great services for her patients at KidsHealth Pediatrics. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Scottsdale, and Glendale, AZ.

Adolescent Pediatrician Near Me in Scottsdale AZ, and Glendale AZ
Adolescent Pediatrician Near Me in Scottsdale AZ, and Glendale AZ

Table of Contents:

Does pediatrics include adolescents?
What does an adolescent specialist do?
What is the difference between adolescent medicine and pediatrics?
Why is it important to have doctors who specialize in adolescent health?

Here at KidsHealth Pediatrics, our team of kind medical professionals is dedicated to giving each one of our amazing patients top-tier pediatric care. Our team provides services including sports injury care, cold and flu treatment, well-child visits, physical examinations, and much more. The incredible physician at KidsHealth Pediatrics has specialty training in infant, child, and adolescent care. Continue reading down below to learn more about adolescent care in Scottsdale, and Glendale, AZ!

Does pediatrics include adolescents?

Yes! The field of pediatrics covers infancy all the way up to about the age of 18-21. Adolescent health is considered to be a subspecialty of pediatrics. A doctor who specializes in this subspeciality will have more extensive training in the physical and mental health of teenagers. This is a unique time in a child’s time as they navigate the ups and downs of emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth.

What does an adolescent specialist do?

An adolescent specialist has advanced training in issues such as puberty, reproductive health, sex education, sexual identity, adolescent mental health issues, and proper development. An adolescent specialist may work alongside other doctors and medical professionals to ensure their patient is getting the correct care they need. For example, a teenager struggling with mental health may need to see a mental health professional as well as a pediatrician.

An adolescent specialist can provide the following treatments:

• Physical exams
• Reproductive health, sexual identity, and gynecological exams
• Chronic illness management
• Mental health care for issues such as social anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and self-esteem
• Nutritional and lifestyle support and education
• Drug abuse prevention
• Family planning services
• Preventative health counseling
• STD treatment
• Menstrual disorder management
• Medication prescription and administration
• Acne
• Acute illness treatment
• Development issues
• Issues related to school or home
• Diagnostic and screening tests such as cancer screening, imaging studies, STD screening, pelvic exams, blood tests, urinalysis, and more

What is the difference between adolescent medicine and pediatrics?

Adolescent medicine is a subspecialty of pediatric medicine. Pediatricians who want to specialize in adolescent health take even further education. This allows them to deeply understand every health-related matter that can occur throughout early, middle, and late adolescence. Your child may need to see an adolescent specialist if they have outgrown their primary pediatrician and/or need specialized help to deal with an ongoing health issue. 

Why is it important to have doctors who specialize in adolescent health?

Teenagers have very specific health needs which require ongoing support and attention. This is why having a reliable pediatrician that specializes in adolescent health is important. Offering a safe environment for teenagers to discuss their personal health and communicate their concerns/needs is essential for proper development. You should consider taking your child to an adolescent specialist if they are experiencing any of the following:

• Mood swings
• Delayed puberty
• Early puberty
• Abnormal eating patterns
• Engaging in high-risk behavior
• Significant weight loss
• Significant weight gain
• Irregular periods
• Mental or physical development issues
• Has or is at high risk for developing a mental illness
• Is experiencing any abnormal symptoms or engaging in out of character behaviors

For further information about the adolescent health services provided at KidsHealth Pediatrics, feel free to give us a call and our amazing staff will help answer any questions you may have. If your teenager needs health care, we will make sure to book them in with our specialist as soon as possible! Your teenager will greatly benefit from a doctor who has extensive knowledge of the health issues early, middle, and late adolescents face on a daily basis. KidsHealth Pediatrics looks forward to helping your child get healthy and happy right away! For more information, call us or schedule an appointment. We have clinics located in Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona, to serve you well! We serve patients from Glendale AZ, Peoria AZ, Sun City AZ, Scottsdale AZ, North Scottsdale AZ, Grayhawk AZ, and surrounding areas of Phoenix AZ.


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