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Scottsdale & Glendale AZ Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician

Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician Q&A

Because of their specialization, pediatricians are often a parent’s preferred healthcare choice when it comes to safeguarding the health and well-being of their child. At KidsHealth Pediatrics,our team of experienced pediatric professionals is here to help support you at every stage of your child’s medical journey. Reach out to talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff members today or book an appointment online. We Have 2 Pediatric Clinics in Scottsdale, AZ & Glendale, AZ.

Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician in Scottsdale & Glendale AZ
Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician in Scottsdale & Glendale AZ

Table of Contents:

Why should you see a pediatrician?
When should I take my child to a pediatrician?
What can the pediatrician help with?
How often do newborns see the pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a medical doctor that specializes in examining, diagnosing, and treating children. They provide valuable insight into the physical, emotional, environmental, social, and psychological components of a child’s development, ensuring that all their needs are adequately met.

Why should you see a pediatrician?

Regular visits with a pediatrician ensure that your child remains healthy as they continue to age and that all their developmental needs are being adequately met. Pediatricians specialize in providing routine check-ups as well as diagnosing and treating a multitude of medical conditions, making them the frontrunner for preventative and immediate pediatric healthcare.
They are also an invaluable resource for parents who have questions about their child’s development or who need direction when it comes to addressing certain physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.
The most common reasons for parents to book their child to see a pediatrician are:   
● Annual physical exams
● Behavioral issues
● Cold and/or flu
● Ear infections
● Emotional irregularities
● Immunizations
● Learning disorders 
● Nutritional advice
● Physical problems
● Throat infections
● Wellness checks for newborns

When should I take my child to a pediatrician?

Any parent knows the back-and-forth that happens when you’re trying to deduce if your child’s symptoms will resolve on their own or if you should book in to see a doctor. Unfortunately, little ones aren’t often able to communicate what’s wrong which leaves the decision to seek help in your hands.
You should book in to see a pediatrician if your child is experiencing or displaying any of the following:
● A cough lasts more than a week 
● A cough that is getting consistently worse each day
● A fever above 100.4 °F in a baby under 3 months
● A fever over 104°F in children over 3 months
● A fever that is not responding to over-the-counter children’s medication
● Being inconsolable
● Crying much more than is normal
● Dehydration
● Ear pain
● Excessive tiredness and/or fatigue
● Extreme discomfort
● Inability to keep any liquids down
● Shortness of breath/wheezing
● Sore throat or infection
● Their stomach is hard or tender to the touch 
● Vomiting in children under 2 months of age

When you call your pediatrician, try to provide as much information about your child’s condition as possible. This will help your physician assess and understand the situation, and give them better insight into whether or not your child needs to come in for an in-person appointment. 
It’s important to note that some medical situations are not appropriate for a pediatrician and require emergency care. You should immediately call 911 or transport your child to the emergency room (ER) if they’re experiencing any of the following: 
● A severe allergic reaction (characterized by swollen lips, rash, trouble breathing, and wheezing) 
● Broken bones
● Decreased responsiveness to talk and touch
● Difficulty breathing
● Fading in and out of consciousness
● Lips and/or fingernails that are turning blue
● Loss of consciousness 
● Severe burns
● Severe lacerations

What can the pediatrician help with?

Pediatricians treat a variety of common and complex health conditions in children. They’re also highly skilled in practicing proactive medicine, which includes performing routine physical examinations and screenings, administering vaccinations, and providing key developmental insights to parents.
A pediatrician is also capable of helping with:
● Injuries such as sprains, dislocations, fractures, and broken bones
● Developmental disorders
● Learning disorders
● Physical disorders
● Emotional disorders
● Social development disorders
● Localized pain
● Colds and fevers
● Nutritional deficiencies
● Weight issues
It’s important to note that some pediatric specialists choose to undergo specialized training for specific health-related conditions while others choose to practice general pediatric medicine. If you’re visiting a pediatrician for the first time, ensure that they offer the unique services that your child requires. If they can’t, they may refer you to a pediatric specialist.

How often do newborns see the pediatrician?

Newborns need to see a pediatrician quite frequently, especially during the first year of their lives. This is to ensure that they are developing properly, that they receive all necessary vaccinations, and to help parents navigate the early stages of their child’s infancy.
The first visit should happen 2 to 3 days following their release from the hospital. Regular visits should then be scheduled at the following intervals:
● 1 month old
● 2 months old
● 4 months old
● 6 months old
● 9 months old
However, if you’re worried about your baby’s health, don’t hesitate to reach out to your pediatrician sooner rather than later. A good doctor will always listen to your concerns and provide you with a recommendation for the course of care. 
At KidsHealth Pediatrics, we know that your child is your world and we’ll always treat them with the care they deserve. Trust our team of pediatric professionals to help safeguard your little one’s health from the moment they walk through the doors. If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, contact us here. Or, if you’re ready to see one of our specialists, book an appointment online. We Have 2 Pediatric Clinics in Scottsdale, AZ & Glendale, AZ. We serve patients from Glendale AZ, Peoria AZ, Sun City AZ, Scottsdale AZ, North Scottsdale AZ, Grayhawk AZ, and surrounding areas of Phoenix AZ.


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