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Pediatric Clinic Near Phoenix, AZ

Pediatric Clinic Near Phoenix, AZ

Have You Been Searching for a Pediatric Clinic Near Phoenix, AZ? If So, Then You’ve Just Found One With KidsHealth Pediatrics. We Provide Well-Child Visits, Newborn Childcare, Allergy and Asthma Treatment, and Many Other Services. Reach Out to Us Today!

Pediatric Clinic Near Phoenix, AZ

Pediatric Clinic Near Phoenix, AZ

Table of Contents:

What can a pediatric clinic do for my child?
How often should my child see a pediatrician?
What services can a pediatric clinic provide?
Do you have a pediatric clinic near Phoenix, AZ?

It’s important for you to be able to trust your primary healthcare provider. It can be even more important for a child to be able to trust his or her health provider. This is why it’s so nice for a child to have a proper pediatrician. If you live near the Phoenix area and have been looking for a new pediatrician for your child, then reach out to KidsHealth Pediatrics. We’re sure you’ll be happy with our pediatric clinic near Phoenix, AZ.

What can a pediatric clinic do for my child?

At a pediatric clinic, your child will have the attention of a certified pediatrician. These professionals are specialists in providing primary healthcare for children. This means that a pediatrician can help your child with physiological, behavioral, and even mental health issues.

Most commonly, a pediatrician will treat children for common illnesses and injuries like strep throat or minor burns. But pediatricians understand that healthcare is more than just that, so they also provide advice to parents about healthy habits for children. Here at KidsHealth Pediatrics, we can even help children with serious conditions like autism.

It’s a good idea to introduce your child to a pediatrician at an early age. Your child will take some time to learn to trust the pediatrician. Also, it can take some time for a pediatrician to teach a child healthy habits.

How often should my child see a pediatrician?

Part of being a child is being carefree. Unfortunately, this means a child is at constant risk for illnesses and injuries. This is especially the case at school, when your child is around other children and away from the security of home.

A pediatrician can help your child learn certain precautions and healthy habits to avoid illness or injury. However, this takes time. The more often your child sees a pediatrician, the more quickly your child will learn these precautions and habits.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that a child sees a pediatrician 7 times between the ages of 1 and 4. From 4 years of age onward, a child should see a pediatrician annually. Some children, like those with special needs, might require more frequent visits.

What services can a pediatric clinic provide?

A pediatric clinic can provide any kind of primary healthcare service, and more. Here at KidsHealth, we can help children with a number of physiological and behavioral issues such as:

• Autism
• ADD and ADHD
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Cold and flu symptoms
• Strep throat
• Whooping cough
• Ear and sinus infections
• Tonsillitis
• Fever
• Sports injuries like minor sprains and strains
• Minor cuts and burns
• And more

Dr. Nabong can treat children of any age and help them with their development all the way from the cradle to college!

Do you have a pediatric clinic near Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, we do! KidsHealth Pediatrics has 2 pediatric clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and Glendale, AZ. If you’d like to book a simple meetup between you, your child, and our expert pediatrician Dr. Nabong, you can call us for a booking. You can also book your appointment online. During this simple meetup, you and your child will get to meet a fully trained pediatrician, and if your child is comfortable with the pediatrician, we can discuss your child’s health.

We look forward to meeting you and your child soon here at KidsHealth Pediatrics!


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